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TM-C1325 CNC Wood Engraver

TM-C1325 CNC Wood Engraver
Basic Parameters:

Applicable industry:
Acrylic cutting,woodworking furniture engraving,wood door,wood window,3d wood wave,decoration,mould,adverting ect
Application materials:
Acrylic,PVC board,soft and hard wood,plywood,MDF,ABS double color sheet ,Electric board, aluminum, copper, iron, etc.

Product Features:
1.High speed and effective:The max speed can be 25m/min equivalent to buy 3-5 CNC screw engraving machine
2.High cutting strength:high power and frequency splindle,Acrylics of 30mm and 5mm PVC can be cut for one time
3.High precision:The linear guide rail and the slider imported from TAIWAN,guarantee the machine work with high precision and high speed。
4.Stable precision:Can be continuous work for 24 hours,can be process and stop at any time,low wasterl rate。
5.High stroke:The processing stroke can be reach 170mm,convenient to process high workpiece semi-finishes product and special shape workpiece
6.Machine body steady:The giant steel structure,large gantry milling processing, move more steady
7.Independent closed control cabinet:Can make the computer operating far away from the dust.
8.ntelligent CNC control system:Easy operation, intelligence check for errors and mistakes protection function.。
9.Double motor drive:Improve the working speed of the machine,ensure the machine moving with high strength.
10.High-quality spare parts:The famous brand alternating current transformer and drive, stable performance,the machine no stuck,no dislocation.
11.Multi-function application:It is able to go on engraving and cutting when the electricity is cut or the tool is broken ,more point setting operation reduces wastage.
12.Simple maintenance:Guide Slider to be add oil automatic system,ensure the machine more stable for long-term use.
13.Strong compatibility: compatible with many sculpture and anaglyph software on market s, can easily finish design program sculpture processing.
Product Parameters:
Machine size 2050x3000x1600mm
Max engraving size 1300x2500x170mm
Max engraving speed 25000mm/min
Resolution 0.0254mm
Receiving Method/storage capacity Standard PCI
Power of spindle 3.0KW
Rotation speed of spindle 6000-24000rpm/min
Cutter diameter ¢3.175、¢4、¢6、¢12.7
Format for instruction HPGL、G-code、nc、u00
Power 220V/380V±10%50-60Hz
Machine weight 800kg
1 FREE for users to provide relevant technical guidance and advice; according to the user equipment and requirements for use of the environment to provide relevant recommendations;
2 FREE delivery device (freight delivery shall bear responsibility for the customer is responsible for pick-unloading charges customers themselves);
3 FREE onsite installation and commissioning services;
4 FREE training of personnel;
5 YEAR warranty expires, the warranty period, only charge labor and parts costs; guaranteed lifelong service.
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