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TM-L1390-100W laser cutting machine

TM-L1390-100W laser cutting machine
Basic Parameters:

Name :TM-L1390-100W laser cutting machine
Application materials:
Acrylics cutting,Plexiglass Making,advertising decoration, mould making,DVD/VCD panel process-ing,paper cutting,leatherand cloth cutting
Applicable industry:
Acrylic cutting,acrylic craft.commercial art.model making,DVD/VCD panel processing,paper cutting,leather and fabric cutting industry


Product Features:
1、Import guide:Imported square guide rail ,makes the machine work stablely;
2、Chinese and english operate interface:Chinese and English interface mutual switch, easy to operate;
3、High precision high speed:Stepper subdivision driver control, high speed, high precision for engraving, cutting slash and arc more smooth;
4、High-Quality Power Supply and laser tube:High quality Power supply and laser tube to make sure extra stong cutting;
5、High Power fame extractor and industry chiller:Equipped with high power fame extractor can guarantee odor free,Compulsory water protect system(industry chiller) to maximum protect the laser tube are not damaged ,greatly to improve the service life of laser tube
6、Supports of many kinds of drawing software:Professional lasercut software,Support CAD、coreldraw output direct。The software easy to learn and ease to use。
7、Offline use to save Cost:Indpendent Control system,Do not take up computer dats,Support offline and online work, also can be output by read U plate directly .
8、Professional and efficient optical lenses:Equipped with high quality optical lens , greatly improve light performance,reflective effect good , durable and service life.
9、Lower failure rate:Internel line shielded perfect,anti-interference,high signal,lower failure rate
10、The fuselage structure is perfect:The unique structure of machine and perfect circuit combine to make the overall performance of the machine more stable
11、Can be operate for whole plate:worktable before and after damper can be open, the material to be moved back and forth, convenient the whole plate operation
Product Parameters:
Model TM-L1290
Dimension(mm) 1770x1360x1080
Working area(mm) 1200x900
Cooling way Industry water cooling
Laser power(W) 80/100/130/150W(optional)
Resolution ratio 0.025
Location Precision(mm) ±0.01/300
Working speed(mm/s) 0-400
Cutting speed(mm/s) ≤200
Environment temperature(℃) 5-35
Gross supply(W) 500
Power supply AC 220V/50Hz±5%
Net weight(kg) 210
1 FREE for users to provide relevant technical guidance and advice; according to the user equipment and requirements for use of the environment to provide relevant recommendations;
2 FREE delivery device (freight delivery shall bear responsibility for the customer is responsible for pick-unloading charges customers themselves);
3 FREE onsite installation and commissioning services;
4 FREE training of personnel;
5 YEAR warranty expires, the warranty period, only charge labor and parts costs; guaranteed lifelong service.
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