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Basic Parameters:

Applicable areas: advertising industry, digital printing, decoration, etc
Applicable materials: light cloth, the car sticker( removable black glue,permanent white glue, transparent car sticker) reflective cloth, banner cloth, transparent luster, flag banner, one way vision,mesh, IT cloth crystal checked (surface is reflective)

Product Features:
1.High Resolution,high speed new printhead
The new developed DX5 print head contains 8 lines of 180nozzles,which is easy to be installed and adjusted,nowadays,along with the correction of print head and been improved,the resolution can reach to 1440dpi,and the speed is about 30% faster than the DX4 head printer,it is 4 color double printing,adopts’symmetrical alinement”which deeply improved the printing speed and quality.
2.Japanese original Cap top:It has the most advanced system which can clean print head automatically,make sure you can clean and maintain the head more convenient.
Widening clamp
Support you printing in a high speed
3.All-round tightens wheel:Can hold the material,feeding paper more steady and high precise,this function is better for long time printing.
4.Variable dropping technology:Has three sizes drop to make up,so that it can print high quality at the fastest speed and lowest resolution
5.Auto cutting system:After printing,you can cutting paper automatically or by hands,it’s easy for use,save your cost and time.
6.Double ink continue system:8pcs big ink cartridge,dual pipe supply ink,support high speed and long term printing,without disconnect
7.Fast speed,high resolution
Sketch mode;fast production mode;production mode;high precision mode
8.Double feeding system,make sure feeding paper without deviation
The feeding and feed up system using the AC,without control of board to reduce the fault rate.
9.Professional color management software: by Maintop  version 5. 3 professional software, outprint more bright, more exquisite
10.LCD display: make the machine operation more humanized and simple.
Product Parameters:
Print Tech 5th EPSON Piezoelectric continuous drop-on demand
Ink Eco solvent ink
Color Double CMKY
Nozzle Linement (180×8)×1 head
Max media width 1650mm
Max printing width 1600mm
Speed and resolution 360*1080 6pass 12.0㎡/h 1440*720 16pass   5.0㎡/h
720*360 4pass 15.0㎡/h 1440*1440 32pass 3.0㎡/h
720*720 8pass  8.0㎡/h  
Heating system Heating before and after printing
Connect USB2.0
Power AC100-120V/AC220-240V(Adaptive),50/60HZ +1HZ
Machine size(L*W*H) 2480mm*750mm*1250mm
Machine weight 160kg
1 FREE for users to provide relevant technical guidance and advice; according to the user equipment and requirements for use of the environment to provide relevant recommendations;
2 FREE delivery device (freight delivery shall bear responsibility for the customer is responsible for pick-unloading charges customers themselves);
3 FREE onsite installation and commissioning services;
4 FREE training of personnel;
5 YEAR warranty expires, the warranty period, only charge labor and parts costs; guaranteed lifelong service.
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